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Fat Burning Program

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Helpful for weight loss


Increase metabolism


Maintain lean body mass


Increase number of calories burnt


Core stability and Strength

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Helpful for back and abdominal muscles

Burning fat on the posture waist and back

Make muscles stronger

Posture waist correction

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Stretching, Yoga & Pilates

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Develop core and strength in all the major muscle groups

Enhancing stamina

Increase flexibility of join and ligaments

Calories burn and weight loss

Stimulate your internal organs promoting their health

Calm the mind and de-stress the body


Aqua Fitness

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Exercise in the pool

Improve lymph circulation

Muscles elasticity and pain reduction

Massage effect on the body and tightening effect

Release the pain from axial load

Positive effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems

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Pre & Postnatal training

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Reduction of back pain

Prevention of constipation and varicose veins

Hanging self-esteem

Reducing the risk of preeclampsia and pregnancy diabetes

Possibility of weight regulation

Better Sleep

Strengthening the muscles involved in childbirth

Relief of fatigue, stress and dizziness

Reducing the risk of cesarean section

Exercise can help you get through labor and shorten your recovery time


Group Trainings

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Have fun with your besties and colleagues

Enjoy high vibes and music you love during your class

Get motivated strong and supported by me and your friends

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